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Exotic handbags

For Hunters

F o r   H u n t e r s

All skins submitted and used with our company must follow CITES and US Fish and Wildlife regulations and must be tanned before sent.

It is Atriarch's request that all animals skins that are used in making of your personal custom bag were hunted legally and used for human consumption. Atriarch completes the utilization of the animal in nearly its entirety and adds the tangible result to a memorable hunt with your loved one or trip of a lifetime by having an innovative pragmatic approach to be practical without being wasteful.

Atriarch Leather would like to partner with safaris and taxidermists worldwide to promote complete and total usefulness of hunted animals while bringing your clients another innovative never before offered trophy that is created with their back skin into high-fashion handbags and accessories. 

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Each bag design on the site can be used for their personal bag and the cost is based on the hours of the bag. Each bag can be trimmed with additional skins in stock for an additional charge and is based on type and quantity of skins and availability.