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Golf Belts

This item is Patent Pending!

Atriarch Leather has created a one-of-a-kind belt designed specifically for the golf enthusiast. 

Removable golf ball marker showcases their favorite resorts and courses and is an instant branding tool. 

Simply pop in your metal golf ball marker to the universal recessed open hold.

Marker sits flush with the leather, ensuring it does not fall out with magnet securing it in place.

100% authentic skins including python, ostrich, and crocodile. 

Top grade leather for long lasting durability.

Proudly made in the USA


Atriarch Leather has created a one-of-a-kind belt designed specifically to cater to golf enthusiasts.  Its design features an embossed secure magnet layer with matching leather over magnet for an aesthetically pleasing look for every day use or for playing a round of golf.

This golf belt is the perfect accessory to be featured in clubhouses and resorts and comes ready for instant branding by simply adding your golf resort/club logo to the belt.  The housing unit for the golf ball marker is universal standard size making the belt more appealing for multiple use markers for the golfer. 

  • Marker is flush with the outer leather panel ensuring the magnet cannot fall out or get caught on belt loops.  
  • 100% Grade A authentic skins including shark, ostrich, python and crocodile.
  • Top grain leather for durability and quality.
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA

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