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Atlanta, GA

Exotic handbags

South African Hartebeest Crossbody

Exotic Handbags

South African Hartebeest Crossbody

South African Hartebeest Cross-body
South African Hartebeest Cross-body

South African Hartebeest Crossbody

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One of a kind South African Hartebeest cross-body. Hand-cut to showcase the brilliant colors in an asymmetrical pattern. This piece features a tan leather backing for comfort and all day wear.  Tanned by expert taxidermist, Daniel Shelnutt at Shelnutt's Wildlife Services. 

Height - 8.5"

Length - 11.5"

Width - Approximately 1"

* Atriarch Leather uses only skins that have been utilized primarily for consumption and all African wildlife meat has been donated to local villager's in the area that the animal was originally obtained. This animal was not farmed.